This project celebrates the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri

Date: 9th - 21st November

An art exhibition at the Crypt that reflects on the life and works of Dante 700 years later.

A book published to celebrate writing that engages with Dante today and commemorates all the artworks created for the exhibition. 

Available to purchase below! 


A group of selected artists, writers, dancers and musicians have created new works specifically for this project.


All the artworks exhibited at the Crypt will be for sale at the show and after on this website. All the profits of this project will be donated to the HVH ARTS charity and the Open Door Community Kitchen.




Catherine Keen
Professor of Dante Studies, UCL

Fraser Brough
Founder and Director of CASSIUS&CO.

Jane Haynes
Psychotherapist and Writer

Simran Uppal

Leonardo Frigo
Artist and Globemaker

Raffaello Morales
Founder and director of Fidelio

Robin Kirkpatrick
Penguin translator of The Divine Comedy

Rosh Mahtani
Founder of Alighieri Jewellery



All the proceeds of this project will be donated to charities that facilitate the younger generation's involvement with the arts. All the work created for the art exhibition will be sold, the artists will receive 50% of the profit and the rest will be donated to the HVH ARTS Foundation (40%) and the Open Door Community Kitchen (10%), the profits from the book will also be split like this.


HVH ARTS is a registered charity inspiring a generation of young people by offering them a gateway to the arts. By funding after and out of school classes in primary and secondary state schools in England, the Foundation provides children with inspiration and tools to develop lifelong artistic passions.


Open Door Community Kitchen is working to provide 300 hot meals on Fridays to our distribution partner, Charity Begins at Home. We have provided over 8,000 meals to marginalised and homeless communities since June 2020.



All artwork will be available to purchase on the 9th November at the exhibition and online after the exhibition closes on the 21st.



Tess assisted in the curation of La Riscoperta di un Capolavoro, an exhibition held in Bologna in 2020. She also helped write and translate the catalogue: The Aura in the Age of Digital Materiality. Tess has a degree in Philosophy and Italian from the University of Edinburgh and just finished 'The Foundation Year' at the Royal Drawing School. Tess is a practising artist and works at Fidelio Orchestra Cafe in Clerkenwell.

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